Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I need Nasi Kandar

At lunch everyday i have to try and figure out what i am going to eat. If i have leftovers thats great, but otherwise I'm stuck. I only have so much money so my sources are limited! Even if I was loaded with cash I still wouldn't want to spend so much on food. What is it with middle America??I really live in the wrong place if I want cheap, fast food that actually tastes good and that might be good for me.... I really need a good Nasi Kandar stall next door. I would name it Nasi Puteh. I don't think i would get bored with that anytime soon. Think about how many lunches we eat in a lifetime! Almost 22,000 if i die at 60! I should at least be able to eat what i want to, right? Oh well.... off to Carl's Jr.