Tuesday, August 15, 2006


This really scares me. I mean it REALLY scares me. I'm still trolling the net to see whats going on in Malaysia but in Indonesia the jihadists are volunteering to go to Lebanon and fight for Hezbollah.

Don't send soldiers, just send money, says the government. Is there any difference? I wouldn't be caught dead in Indonesia ( or maybe if I was there, I would be...) and I'm starting to worry about Malaysia. Will it become like this there? My wife never wants to go to Indonesia ( she's Malaysian ethnic chinese ) after the race riots there. There is always someone getting killed or hurt because of their religious persuasion... I just hope we never see this in Malaysia.

What a nightmare.

Any one who has to hide behind a mask is serving the wrong god, pure and simple. Any religious group that slits the throats of the innocent and hides behind the lives of it's people serves a different master.

I know there are many moderate muslims out there who bear us no ill will. Many of them I met and know to be kind and loving people. But by the actions of a few we have to judge many. And while the moderates stand aside, they allow the extremists to attempt to achieve their religious goals. That's not good enough. If we have to search every muslim or Arab who flies on our planes to keep them safe, we should. If the leaders of their religion won't stop the terrorists, we have to by whatever means necessary even if it means resorting to what may be considered extreme measures.

Holy Crap, I soapboxed it today, didn't I?


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